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Anna was born in Thessaloniki, in 1962 and is a proud mother of two adults, Philip and Emilia - Fotini. Anna finished her studies in languages and has completed courses in Airline and Transport Services, Business and Human Resources Management. She is a native speaker of Greek, a fluent speaker of English and French, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

  From her childhood she has been travelling and lived in many different countries around the globe. In February 2008, she moved to Dubai for work, and was first introduced to the art of Reiki, Crystal therapy and Aromatherapy. As she started reading more about Reiki, her interest grew stronger and started discussing it with the people around her. Many were surprised with her decision to pursue the practice of Reiki and claimed that it would make her change her religion or that she would move to India because of it, without understanding the real work of Reiki.

  Since 2010, Anna has consistently practiced meditation and Reiki completing a range of courses striving to understand multitude of approaches for healing.  Anna successfully received accredited certificates of Reiki 1-3 and Reiki Master teacher. She additionally received certificates as a crystal reiki master teacher, in aromatherapy, angelic therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) and Thought Field Technique (TFT) and QiGong (meditation with yoga techniques).

She made it hare mission to change the mindset of Reiki being a profession and restore the idea of it being pure volunteer work with love and respect to all living things on Earth.     Today, Anna is a Master Reiki teacher/mentor, and crystal and aromatherapy healer recognized by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), proudly healing people at her Holistic Center in Greece, called AK Wellbeing Centre and around the world (sending distance Reiki). She also makes her own blends of essential oils, as well small bracelets of semi-precious crystals to help cure problems in the body and the mind.

  The combination and work of Reiki-crystal therapy and aromatherapy works wonders in healing problems such as stress, phobias, love, panic attacks, and self-management, arthritis, migraines, body pains etc. She loves listening to people, helping them calm down and release negative thoughts and energies, by replacing them with positivity for the present and the future.

Anna loves and is a great supporter of Louise L. Hay's books, especially her book called “You Can Heal Your Life".

Reiki master, crystal therapy master, aromatherapy master


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