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Relationship Management

relationship management couples therapy

A Relationship can be : 

  • with a member of the family, 

  • with your children 

  • with a partner 

  • with a friend 

  • with a colleague at work 

  • with a neighbour 

  • with yourself 

or generally speaking with anyone who has a part in your life either for a specific period of life or for your entire life. 

Whatever the case is, Reiki can always help. 

You must always, though, keep in mind that Reiki works only if the person who needs to receive Reiki gives its permission to accept the Healing Energy and it allows the Reiki Energy to work that means that it works when the person is open to receive Reiki. 

This is the first and most important step. 

Then it follows three different steps to work with Reiki in order to heal the relationship. 

  1. The Recognition 

  2. The Intention 

  3. The Rift 

Every step will fill the relationship with Love, Compassion, Respect and Positivity! 

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