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Stress Management

Stressed Woman stress management relaxation

What we aim to do with Reiki? Treat energy with energy.

When our energy is out of balance, we then feel an emotional imbalance, that brings anxiety, stress and maybe even depression. 


Reiki is a technique to reduce stress and improve relaxation, helping to achieve well-being and pain relief through energy transfers.  


At the beginning the healer will discuss the client's emotional and physical issues. Next, the healer will start the session and will send energy to the client by placing his/her hands on or above the client’s body. During the session the transfer of the energy will work to remove the blockages from the recipient’s body and at the same time, help the flow of positive energy.  

During the process of the stress management Reiki session some clients may fall asleep or feel a deep relaxation. 


At the end of the session the clients will discuss with the healer what they felt and how they feel and a more balanced energy will be felt 20 to 30 minutes after leaving the center.

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