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Crystal Therapy

Each crystal has a unique set of properties. The vibrations of crystals are similar to those emitted by our chakras when in a completely healthy and balanced state. Semi-precious and gemstones have the ability to clean chakra energy centres and charge them with healing energy. By choosing the right combinations of crystals, a deep relaxation will occur in the body and spirit of the patient. 


Crystal therapy is a type of holistic treatment of an individual as a whole. It is aimed at offering the body, mind and spirit a state of balance and harmony, in order to cure the causes of one’s problems in an etheric field and their effects that manifest at a physical level (the body). This results in a marked change in the psychological state of the person 


Placing the crystals (semi-precious stones) on the body or even simply holding them in your hands brings physical, mental and spiritual healing, improving quality of life. 


Crystals are known to relieve stress, improve the concentration of thoughts, and creativity in life. They offer overall positive effects on the body's organs and help calm, reduce or cure diseases. 


*Crystal therapy does not eliminate or compete with classical medicine, but rather complement it. As such, most health problems require medical attention. 

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