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Detoxification  addiction management

For the people who are on a detox program either in the process of detoxifying or abstaining from opioid abuse for chronic pain, trying to deal with this pain can be a challenge. One of the benefits of Reiki therapy for addiction is that it can help with this pain. Several studies show that Reiki can be effective in treating pain. 

As a complementary therapy technique, Reiki treatment for addiction can be an effective tool for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and focusing on a person's mind on healing during the recovery process. Reiki therapy can also help a person stay calm during the early and stressful stages of addiction treatment. 

The success of addiction treatment depends on the person’s willingness to clean up, to change his or her lifestyle, and recognize his or her past and maybe destructive behaviour. 

The effectiveness of any substance abuse treatment is based on the person’s commitment to healing and getting back into a balanced life. 

One of the benefits of Reiki for patients with addictions is that they may be able to help with some of the problems. Studies found that reiki was effective in lowering heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. These improvements can be the first step to natural recovery from addiction.

While the benefits of Reiki in healing addiction treatment can be difficult to quantify in traditional scientific measures, those who are willing to accept it always praise its benefits. 

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