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depression management

According to the WHO, depression affects approximately 400 million people around the world. If not properly treated, it reduces the quality of life and can lead to a number of serious consequences. There are a number of different treatments for depression, however patients, in conjunction with their medical treatment programs or methods can participate in Reiki sessions and experience the benefit of it. 


Reiki sessions can help patients with depression to:

Better sense of mental and physical balance, Reiki restores and balances the mind and the body. That may help to improve mood and overcome feelings of guild and sadness 


Relaxes, Reiki by providing the relaxation to the body and mind combats and relieves the anxiety  


Puts the client back in control of his life, Reiki restore feelings of control and brings back the self-confidence 


Helps the client to re-connect with other persons, Reiki helps people to restore his relations with the care and compassion his practitioner will show to him 

Relieves stress, Reiki relieves stress and that immediately reduces the feeling of depression 


Although Reiki can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression it will be beneficial to the people who are suffering from depression to include psychotherapy, behavioural therapy and certain medications. 


For best results, people suffering from depression should participate in multiple Reiki session over time. A single treatment will help but more treatment will bring a long-term symptom improvement 

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