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dealing with loss or grief

Holding Hands dealing with death dealing with loss or grief

Grief is a natural behaviour to a loss. During a loss, we often face emotional suffering and as a result, we feel guilt, anger or even profound sadness.  

Grief is associated with divorce, loss of a job, a miscarriage, serious illness or the loss of a beloved one which is the most intense grief.  

Most people are shy to show their grief as they have been taught that they must always be strong, show strength in any difficult period of their life.  

Crying is not a weakness, it is a very human reaction. It is very important to show the real feelings rather than hiding them. Grief affects us physically such as not able to eat, sleep, or even think.  

The best way to alleviate oneself from grief is to go through the safe channelled form of energy such as Reiki.  

Reiki will be healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level so that the mind, soul and body will be able to take a deeper breath. 

You can benefit from the Reiki Healing Energy while going through the stage of loneliness or withdrawal from other people. 

During those periods of grief and by accepting the power of the Therapy of the Reiki Healing Energy, your body will be as new, cleaner, and full of positive energy from the Universe which will relax your thoughts and emotions so that you will allow yourself to let go of the grief, feel lighter and be able to move on to a healthier life. 

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