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healing relationships

Couple Holding Hands healing relationships

People will try to move forward by replacing an old relationship with a new one. 


Resοlving relationships οn a personal level is impοrtant, but there is another level οf our lives that perhaps we are only nοw beginning tο consider and experience.


People will try to move forward, but they won’t be able to. They will try to establish new relationships, but they won’t be able to unless they move on from their previous ones. As a result, they tend to think that none of their relationships work. 


Maybe, we have not yet discοvered, that we are nοt just the product οf our family and our culture but actually we are here οn a missiοn 


There is something important to do and that is to try to discover and express it. Reiki healing will give your partner’s or your body, mind, and spirit  the right balance and energy required to be your best self, which is the foundation for becoming best partners in a  relationship. If you are in a relationship or you just broke up with your lover, Reiki can help you heal these broken relationships.  

How is that going to be done?


Just by : 

  • Reiki will open the chakra of the heart and enable your capacity to love,  

  • Deepens Connection, Reiki can help to heal the relationship and fortify the force in the relationship by opening their capacities to love and be seriously connected to each other and feel the need to rely on each other to guarantee the success of their relationship. 

  • Promotes Empathy, Reiki enhances the feelings of empathy between the two partners 

  • Enhances Communication, Reiki helps to improve communication, which is very crucial to any relationship 

  • Makes Your partner to Compromise, Reiki will enable your partner to compromise and respect your opinion. Your partner’s body will be rid of jealousy and superiority complex, which contribute to misunderstanding and breakups 

  • Makes Your Partner to  Relax, Reiki will cause your partner, to be calm and relaxed 

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