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fears & phobias

fear phobia stress management

The healing power of Reiki can help you overcome fears and phobias, by staying in the present moment. 

The first words in the Reiki principle remind us to stay centered in the now. 

"Just for today..." 

Feeling fear or having a phobia can mean that you are either living in/worrying about something that happened in the past or it may be based on something that is happening in the present now. Reiki will help you to learn how to better deal with the past or handle the situation now.

Reiki shows you how to control your thoughts by watching them and facing them, and finally replacing them with love and peace. 

Self – love and acceptance will heal fears and phobias. Your body will gently erase fears and replace them with love and will erase phobias and replace them with acceptance.

Your physical stress reactions will be cleared as your nervous system and endocrine system relax with the Reiki, allowing you to approach situations in your life with more love and acceptance. 

Learn to give or receive Reiki in such strongly charged fears to promote peaceful and loving outcomes.

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